Description of New Spider Species from Hainan Island Published

Drs. Alberto Barrion, Aimee Barrion-Dupo, Sylvia Villareal and Ducheng Cai collected a spider species that has never been described.  The paper they submitted in July 2010 and accepted in September 2010 is now published in the Asian International Journal of Life Science,  ASIA LIFE SCIENCES 20(2): 385-394, 2011 (Click here for PDF of the article).   The new species scientifically named Tetragnatha heongi Barrion & Barrion-Dupo, is a long-jawed orb spider belonging to the subfamily Tetragnathinae.  It has long legs, slender abdomen, and porrect chelicerae with strong promarginal and retromarginal teeth and characterized by the posterior eye row (PER) distinctly narrower than the anterior eye row (AER). This is the 39th species of the genus Tetragnatha described from China. Pictures of the new species are found here.