Hainan to Start Ecological Engineering Evaluation in Famers’ Fields

Yuan Qianhua and  Ducheng Cai, Hainan University, Hai Kou, Hainan Province, China

Group picture


Hainan University and IRRI scientists have completed two arthropod biodiversity explorations, collected time series data from two sites and a survey of farmers on their beliefs and practices in pest management and biodiversity conservation. Detailed analyses of the data collected will be conducted. Project scientists met in Hai Kou, 15 – 16 July 2011 to develop activities for 2011 and 2012 that can contribute towards Hainan’s green programs.  Early this year the Hainan government issued instructions to curb pesticide misuse by implementing strict regulations (See in Chinese

Ecological engineering

In the coming rice seasons, ecological engineering experiments will begin in a village called Longji.  Here the farmers have been growing rice for many years.  The 300 families living there originated from Fujian and have been growing rice for the palace.  The area grows two crops of rice and one crop of vegetables, use little chemicals and leave most of the no crop habitats intact.  Floral biodiversity is high and so is the arthropod biodiversity.  The evaluation will include an arthropod biodiversity exploration. A farm survey will also be conducted in the village to uncover details from the farmers the constraints they face and potential threats to their farming practices as modernization encroaches.

Google map of Longji


Longji woman looking after rice drying


Drying rice on concrete ground in Longji


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