International Symposium on Arthropod Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Rice Environments and Official Opening of the Biodiversity Laboratory in Hainan University, Hai Kou, China


The Hainan Project which started in 2010 has completed several expeditions and farmer surveys focusing on arthropod biodiversity in rice environments. The rich biodiversity of Hainan is illustrated by the 53 new species of spiders that the research discovered and some of them are named in honor of Chinese scientists.  The new species constituted about 15% of all the spider species found in the expeditions illustrating the biodiversity richness. Spiders perform the important function of predation that provides pest regulation services for pest management.

On 16 April 2013, Hainan University and the International Rice Research Institute will organize an international symposium and to officially open the Biodiversity Laboratory that will house all the holotype and paratype specimens of the new species as well as a reference collection of the 952 arthropod species collected in Hainan.  The Biodiversity Laboratory will serve as an important resource for research and education on arthropod biodiversity.


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