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International School Students Make Conservation Education Visit Hainan Project

Ducheng Cai, Hainan University, Danzhou, Hainan, China

Professor Cai demonstrating the use of a pitfall trap to students

Thirty middle and high school students from the Guangzhou Nanhu International School (GNIS), led by their teachers, Mr. Mike Cline, Mr. Robert Chapman and Ms Sonia Yao, visited Hainan between June 4 and 7, 2011. Professor Ducheng Cai and his students, Mr. Youxing Zou, Miss Qingbo Wei and Miss Wei Li, from Hainan University (HU) were invited to introduce the Hainan Project and ecology education activities.

Students using sweeps net to collect arthropods

The group visited the mangroves at Dongzhaigang Mangrove Reserve, played a “food web” game using pictures of plants, herbivore insects, predators, and humans to form a web based on their nutrient relationships. Students found interesting interactions among all the components, and removal of any component could result in a collapse of the whole food web.

Biodiversity surveys were conducted by the students using sweep nets, yellow pan traps and pitfall traps and the students also interviewed local farmers about their practices and pesticide use in rice fields. Mr. Cline indicated that conservation education activities such as the food web game and field biodiversity survey would contribute to deeper understanding and enthusiasm in biodiversity and ecosystem service conservation issues.

Students practice interviewing farmers


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